Complex Scope Management & Risk Mitigation Solutions

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Complex Scope Management & Risk Mitigation Solutions

Industry Challenges
The Infrastructure, Construction & Engineering Industry is constantly faced with the challenges of complex project scope, cost overruns, schedule slips, margin adjustments and risk of liquidated damages.
With increased Complexity in integrating systems, advancement in technology and industry trends moving towards a fused ICT format, there is a need to introduce tactical and strategic measures to achieve joint project success through innovation and collaboration.

Our Solution
Crossover’s pioneering CrossSource Platform leverages elements of industry knowledgeprocess improvement, collaborationdigitalisation and automation to deliver positive outcomes targeted at proactive implementation of risk mitigation, integrated Scope Management and establishment of verifiable and demonstrable Integrated Project Scope, at all stages of  the Project.

CrossOver’s solution combines the strengths of technology, handpicked experienced BAs and Industry experts, to assist Principals, BuildersTechnology & Engineering firms to build, verify, manage, remediate and substantiate complex project scope, while mitigating Risk ensuring joint success by enabling delivery of fit for use Products / Facilities as intended by the Principal(s).

 Your Benefits
Our Scope Assurance & Risk Mitigation Solution allows our customers to:

1.) Proactively control and mitigate contractual risk of liquidated damages

2.) Proactively identify and mitigate scope creep, schedule slippage and margin slippage

3.) Ensure quality of deliverable and fitment for use

4.) Promote a Cloud based collaborative client <-> Principal contractor <-> Subcontractor approach contributing to the joint success and delivery of a fit for use end product.

Reference Projects
Our scope management & risk mitigation solution has been embraced and successfully implemented for the New Royal Adelaide Hospital Project. The outcomes of this implementation allowed our Client to:

1.) Verify, demonstrate and substantiate delivery of ICT (including selected Engineering Services) scope to a variety of Stakeholders
2.) Maintain contractual and commercial control over respective scope

Next Steps
Contact us today to find out how our Scope assurance & Risk mitigation Solution can help you drive intended outcomes at your Project.