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Bid Assessment & Design Acceleration Solutions

Industry Challenges

The Large Projects Industry is constantly faced with the Challenges of Subcontractor Selection in regards to Total Cost of Subcontracting, Subcontractor’s capability to execute, Understanding and Compliance to requirements and loss of Time to finalise contract awards and onboard subcontractors.
With increasedComplexityof Delivering Complex scope, Strained Timelines, Stretched Budgets and demand for Successful Project Delivery, there is a need to introduce strategic measures at the Bid and Initial design phases of the project in order to achieve Joint Project Success.
Our Solution
Interleed’s pioneering Smart Bid & Design Acceleration Platform (SDAP) leverages elements of industry knowledge, processimprovement, collaborationdigitization and automation to deliver positive outcomes targeted at ProactiveGrading and Assessment of Bid Responses and submissions against elements of Time, Cost, Scope, Requirements Compliance, Resourcing and Financial Capability.

Crossover’s SDAP platform delivers:

Grading & Assessments on:

  • Total Cost of Subcontracting
  • Subcontractor’s capability to deliver
  • Subcontractor’s understanding of Scope and Compliance to Project Requirements


  • Accelerated Availability of Comparative Bid Information allowing principals to cut down bid assessments and contract negotiation timeframes
  • An accelerated Initial Design at the Bid stage allowing Principals and Contractors to address the scope gaps before contracting, leading into proactive identification and mitigation of scope, time and cost risks

Interleed’s Bid Assessment & Design Acceleration Solution combines the strengths of SDAP and handpicked experienced BAs and Industry experts, to assist Principals, Main Contractors, Technology&Engineering Firms to convert risks into opportunities and allowing to achieve improvements in overall Cost & Time positions on Projects.

Your Benefits
Our Bid Assessment and Design Acceleration Solution allows our customers to:
1.) ProactivelyAssess and Grade Bids and Establish and assessment on Trus Cost of Subcontracting
2.) Proactivelyidentify and Mitigate Scope Creep, Schedule Slippage and Margin Slippage at the Bid Stage
3.) Accelerate Bid & Initial Design to achieve improvement in overall projects’ Time and Cost position
4.) Promote a Cloud Based Collaborative Client <->Principal Contractor <->Subcontractor approach contributing to the Joint Success and delivery of a Fit for Use end Product.

Contact us today to find out how our Bid Assessment and Design Acceleration Solution can help you drive intended outcomes at your Project